Are you a real estate investor in Pittsburgh? Or interested in becoming one? I can help.

I sell real estate, I also own and invest in real estate myself. Whether you are looking for investment property to buy and renovate or real estate to purchase and rent, I have done it myself and understand the benefits, process and pitfalls related to real estate investment in the Pittsburgh area. As an OICP (OwnAmerica Investment Certification) agent, I can help you secure your financial future through real estate investing.

My Investment Philosophy

Too many people get bad advice about ‘getting rich quick’ in real estate. It truth, real estate is a long term wealth building asset. It works when you do it right. I believe that the best way to invest is long term with an eye towards how real estate fits into your overall portfolio. Real estate can return your investment through cash flow, appreciation and the building of equity in your property.

Is now the time to invest in Pittsburgh real estate?

Anytime is a good time to invest if you are evaluating your deals and finding the ones that generate cash flow or equity. Specific areas of the city have more potential than others. I can help you look at deals and areas and find the ones that work for you.

Are you investor looking for a real estate agent to work with?

I am always excited when people consider real estate as an investment, but I find the agent / investor relationship works best when we have similar philosophies. The best way to figure that out is to meet and have a discussion, about your goals are, and your expectation for the services your agent will provide. If you would like to talk then give me a call, 724-309-1758.