Pittsburgh isn’t at all what so many think it is, although our secret is starting to get out. We have been consistently ranked as one of the “Most Livable” cities in America. That’s mostly due to our abundance of friendly, walkable neighborhoods, an exciting arts, medical and technology scene, a high standard of living, solid and stable housing market and a clean, green and sparkling environment. Just check out some of the stats:

Pittsburgh: The Comeback | TIME

From Time Magazine, 2015 – America’s steel city was left for dead after the industry collapsed in the 1980s. Unemployment soared, the population plummeted and corporations fled. But gradually, Pittsburgh weathered the rocky transition from an economy built on manufacturing to one driven by cutting edge research. This is the story of its rebirth.

It’s Pittsburgh & A Lot of Other Stuff asks Why Do You Live in Pittsburgh? | A Program by Rick Sebak

As Rick has gathered interviews for IT’S PITTSBURGH episodes over the last 2 seasons, he has often ended the conversation by asking, “Why do you live in Pittsburgh?” In this program, we edit together many of the responses, and we look at the Experienced Dreamers Contest that challenged entrepreneurs over 45 years of age to write about why they could bring their dream to Pittsburgh. It’s an entertaining consideration of one of life’s great questions. Published on March 29, 2013.