City Neighborhoods

If you are considering a move, and home purchase in the City of Pittsburgh there are a number of neighborhood, each with their own personality to select from. The first thing you should know about the City of Pittsburgh is its shape. It is a triangle, with the two sides being the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers. At “The Point” is the headwaters of the Ohio River.

  • Downtown is in the middle.
  • To the north across the Allegheny is the North Shore and the Northside neighborhoods.
  • Over the bridges to the south, and up on the hillside is Mount Washington, and the South side flats and slopes.
  • The East End is where the triangle fattens, with a large number of vibrant neighborhoods spreading out on the plateau that looks out over the city.
  • Oakland in the east is the second commerce hub for the city, with it’s high density of education, tech and hospital locations.
  • Finally to the west, the city includes a small section in the West End, and then gives way to the suburbs.

As any Pittsburgher will tell you, each of these places has their own unique personality. It is one of the reasons that Pittsburgh is called a “City of Villages”, and a “City of Bridges”, because you will always have to go over one to get anywhere else.

The city of Pittsburgh is served by the Pittsburgh Public School District. For students that attend at minimum grades 9-12 in the district, the Pittsburgh Promise provides up to $20,000 for all eligible students to use for college or trade school. If you are considering a move to the area with kids, the promise can make college possible.

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