Showing Your Home

It’s finally time to get your home on the market so ask your agent for tips on how to make your home welcoming or check out my tips for preparing your home. Here are a few things to think about:

  • The number one tip to showing your home: When an agent calls to set up a showing, accept it. Yes, it will probably be inconvenient, but it may also be your only chance to get the potential buyers in you home. Don’t expect them to work around your schedule.

  • Plan to leave your home for showings. Buyers are more comfortable visiting the home without the seller following them around and looking over their shoulder. Buyer’s will usually hurry through homes with the seller present and miss the best features. Plus it removes the opportunity for a buyer to talk with their agent candidly about the pros and cons of you home and can impede the sales process.

  • Make arrangements for your pets to leave. Some buyers may be scared of your dog or cat, or allergic, and it could limit the time they will spend in you home. If you can’t take them out during showings then make sure they are secured.

  • Consider the senses. What are the smells, sights and sounds in your home? Does is smell of pet or smoke odors? Strong smells can eliminate your home from contention.

  • And lastly, Clean, Clean, Clean – No one wants to buy someone else’s dirt! Even a home that needs updated will show well if it is spotless, but a dirty home is one of the quickest ways to turn off a buyer.

Marketing Your Home

Your job is to have the home ready to show. Your agent’s job is to maximize exposure and make your home look good wherever it is advertised. You can find out more about how my marketing plan for homes here, or call me to set up a listing appointment and we can go through the plan for your home. In the meantime, here are a few important things that must be done in order to maximize exposure:

  • Lockbox on the door. West Penn MLS uses SUPRA lockboxes. These computerize lockboxes allow agents to arrange appointments that are convenient for their buyers, and track who has been in the home. That information also allows us to get feedback on your home, and it is important to know how your home is being perceived. Lockboxes can be set to “lock out” at certain times of the day so no one can use them to access your home at night or early morning.
  • Online Presence. The vast majority of buyer’s start their home search online. You need an agent who is an expert in online marketing to maximize your internet presence. This includes everything from online listings to individual websites to social media marketing.

  • Quality Photography. Good photography is imperative to getting buyers to come to your home. Your agent should be taking the photos with a professional camera or having a service come take them.

If your agent is maximizing the marketing of your home and several weeks go by without showings or offers then it’s time to talk about a price adjustment. Lack of activity is a sure sign that your home is being passed over for other homes that are perceived to be a better value.