Developer and New Home Real Estate Services

If you are looking for a professional that can identify and convey the strengths of your real estate project to the buying public, in an effective and creative manner, then let’s talk. I have over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and technology and 10 years experience in real estate.  I get involved in development projects from the early stages to give developers insight into what new home buyers are looking for and realistic price points for their products. I also pre-market developments from the beginning stages of construction.

I am particularly interested in sustainable, green and energy efficient projects in our community. I made the commitment to become a certified Ecosociate™ by EcoBroker® International and National Association of REALTORS® GREEN Designation so that I can better articulate the value that your green projects bring to buyers.

Christa Ross is a creative dynamic force and a great asset to MVI. She has artistically, professionally and aggressively marketed our development portfolio, finding quality buyers quickly and following through to make sure deals close. I highly recommend Christa for your real estate needs.
Patrick Shattuck, MVI Real Estate Director

Christa’s attitude is always upbeat. She conveys a positive outlook. She doesn’t set up scapegoats for failure. She is attentive, diligent, persistent, and respectfully demanding when needed. Christa’s package of skills is impressive and the icing on the cake is that she’s a pleasure to work with.

Jack Johnston, Jaxon Development
It was a pleasure working with Christa. She went out of her way to market the Nunnery Hill Overlook development and understood the added value of “Energy Star” certified properties…Even in this challenging real estate market and the worst winter in 10 years, Christa came through and sold all four of the Nunnery Hill Overlook homes in a record time!
Ed Lewis, Fineview Citizen’s Council