Regent Square, Pittsburgh, 15218

Wilkinsburg, PA 15221

Wilkinsburg, is an independent municipality that sits at the gateway to Pittsburgh’s booming east end, while Penn Avenue serves as the connector to the Parkway East and PA Turnpike. Few other business districts in the metro area can boast of the amount of opportunity that passes by each day, which makes Wilkinsburg a prime location for investment. For those with some gumption, opportunities here are abundant. The architecture in Wilkinsburg is nothing short of spectacular. Masterpieces from Scheibler, an actual castle on Singer Place and some of the city’s finest Victorian architecture sit waiting to be uncovered. If you ever had dreams of living in a grand home, Wilkinsburg can offer that for a fraction of the cost of other areas. As other east end neighborhoods continue to see significant price increases, the pressure for affordable housing transfers to adjacent communities, one of which is Wilkinsburg. Like several other neighborhoods that have seen their renissance, Wilkinsburg has started to become home to artists and young families looking for inexpensive places to put down roots and invest in building a community. These early adopters have already found what others are just starting to see. Call me if you are looking for a real estate agent to buy or sell your home in the Wilkinsburg neighborhood.

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