Here is an important thing to keep in mind when you are buying a house. If your agent politely says to you “please find a different lender” they are not doing it because they want you to work with a friend. They are doing it because some lenders are so bad that you could be sitting there days before your closing and they screw up your loan, because they didn’t do their due diligence before they gave you that preapproval, because that loan officer doesn’t even know his own company’s loan requirements. And the agent is telling you this because they have seen that same lender do it before, and they are trying to save you the money and anguish. Sometimes those lenders are well known, they have well-known initials, they have pretty ads on tv, nice websites and tell you wonderful things about themselves. But for us agents, we have to clean up their messes and deliver bad news to our clients and we want to save you that aggravation. This isn’t a secret, if you get a bunch of real estate agents together in the same room and start asking about good and bad lenders the same horror stories come up about the same companies. The truth real estate agents want to help you get your home, and a real estate agent with experience knows who is worthy of trust and business… and who isn’t. End of rant.